Who we are

From the workshop to specialty milling

Grotti srl was founded by Terzo Grotti in 1967. In the early 1980s, sons Giuliano and Giampiero became more involved in the company, and the business of repair and transformation of industrial vehicles and earthmoving machines was extended to include rentals on a national scale.

In the early 2000s, Grotti developed the first radio-controlled GTF with variable operating radius and started participating directly on construction sites both as a supplier of rental equipment with operator and as a specialized contractor. This step forward, consolidated with the entry of the third generation of the family Michele and Laura Grotti into the company, led to the next stage of the company’s development and a vision for the future.

With many projects completed in Italy, Grotti srl is now expanding its presence into European countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. Our know-how is based on proven organizational and logistics capabilities. We have the expertise to deal with any operating scenario, as well as oversee planning of all aspects to assure the optimum productivity of our machines on site.

This experience clearly translates into safety, a factor we believe of the highest importance to guarantee the protection of both our workforce and customers.

GTF System

The GTF system was initially designed to meet a specific application need, but then evolved into a technologically advanced and complex solution: a totally unique system for milling and grinding.

Grotti srl provides an innovative solution for milling concrete surfaces inside tunnels of any type. Thanks to continuous development, the company has made this technology highly effective also for the excavation of natural tunnels and excavation faces with smaller dimensions.

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