Our services

Before making a proposal, we reserve the right to perform a project analysis and site survey in order to assess the materials (compressive strength in MPa, abrasiveness, potential quantity of dust produced, etc.). Our Technical Dept. will also evaluate the existence of other conditions that impact the execution of the project (safety, availability of support machinery, supply of water for dust abatement, etc.).


without operator

The machine is rented according to a daily or monthly rate, after training the operator(s) who are assigned to use it. This solution includes technical assistance for routine maintenance or other repairs/maintenance that become necessary.


with operator

The machine is rented and utilized by our operator according to a monthly or daily rate, or a production cost per square metre, and in certain cases, a cost per cubic metre or linear metre (for example, according to the advance rate in the excavation of natural tunnels). This solution includes technical assistance for routine maintenance or for other repairs or maintenance that may become necessary. The customer must in any case establish the administrative, logistical and operating conditions to allow our operator to maximize the production potential and precision of the machine.

Subcontractor services

On special conditions, we are able to perform the work assigned to us as a subcontractor. As subcontractor we will assume responsibility for the administrative procedures regarding the subcontracted work, in addition to organizing the relevant logistical and operating aspects.