Sales of GTF® series machines and equipment

The GTF® 400.2 RC is the result of a specific project and is designed to offer the maximum hydraulic power, while staying within the dimensions and weight for road approval (2.55 m and 30 tons in the standard outfit).With its patented control system for boom descent, the machine maximizes the available hydraulic power, regardless of the compressive strength of the concrete (expressed in MPa) to be milled.

Designed to stand up to the heaviest applications, the GTF® 400.2 RC also features excellent structural strength that allows it to take on the most challenging work scenarios.

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Width 2,55 m
Length with boom closed 8,10 m
Max. working height of standard boom 9,10 m
Engine power (type and power)
Type and model FPT Cursor 13
Power 407 Kw stage 5
Structural characteristics
Undercarriage stabilizers for making drainage channels, also sloped with respect to the pavement
Special telescopic boom
Operating weight (according to outfit) 27/30 t
Hydraulic power
Max. output 540 l/min
Max. pressure 420 bar
Hydraulic power 285 kW
Maximum hydraulic power of currently available attachments 230 kW
Electrical system and special instruments
Voltage 24 v
Installed with Grotti GTF technology® software
Telemetry for real-time software management and data storage
High-precision radio control and automatic cleaning system for radiators

GTF HD (Heavy Duty) attachments are designed to be mounted on our machines to get the most out of their power and productivity.

These essential complements of GTF® technology stem from long experience on the work site. Unlike other producers, for years Grotti has performed projects using our own operators; this has allowed us to develop equipment able to withstand the heaviest operating cycles. Today, this valuable experience has transformed into a production capability and reliability that all goes to the advantage of the user.

Structure and components of the attachments have been studied to endure the stresses typical of concrete with a high compressive strength, allowing models of the GTF HD series to be used on sites with non-stop operation organized into three shifts.

Besides the normal production of equipment, on request Grotti can produce special attachments for the user, including consultation and analysis of the project.

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GTF® series machines not only stand out for their great power and precision, but they are also noted for their easy use. Despite this clear advantage, the personnel who will be operating the machines must attend a training course, which is an integral part of the sales or rental contract.

At the end of the course, held on the work site before start of the project and in some cases also at our headquarters, after verifying that the personnel are able to operate the GTF® machine expertly and in observance of safety standards, they will be issued a certificate valid for five years. After its expiration, they must take a refresher course.

Training, which is included in the sales or rental contract, is intended for a maximum of two operators for each machine sold or rented; for a higher number, a supplementary fee will be added with respect to that indicated in the contract.

  • Training
  • Training
  • Training


Grotti S.r.l. supplies assistance agreements adapted to the needs of the work site, the type of application and the contractor’s requirements (e.g., scheduled maintenance after a set number of machine hours, on-call service, or other services depending on the type of job).

Different types of assistance entail different agreements and fees. All machines of the GTF® series contain a remote machine diagnostics system (telemetry) that can identity and in certain cases solve the problem.


Replacement machine

Depending on the maintenance to be performed and the availability, the contractor can be supplied with a replacement to allow the job to continue while the rented or purchased machine is down.

Technical consulting

Our experience on countless job sites involving a wide range of applications gives us expertise in project analysis, planning and scheduling of milling operations and work site logistics.

On request and at a fee established according to the site’s complexity, the Grotti S.r.l. technical office will analyze the milling project, perform on-site inspections and recommend the best solutions for using the machinery, as well as the attachments best suited to the project type.

  • Technical consulting
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical consulting