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Our experience on innumerable job sites involving different applications gives us expertise in project analysis, planning and scheduling of milling operations and work site logistics.

On request and at a fee established according to the site’s complexity, the Grotti S.r.l. technical office will analyze the milling project, perform on-site inspections and recommend the best solutions for using the machinery, as well as the attachments best suited to the project type.

Work site machines and equipment

Our experience over years of intense work gives us the capability of designing, modifying or building from the bottom up machines and equipment for construction, quarrying, agriculture and industry. We also transform industrial vehicles of all types and homologate them.

Integrated Design

Because we use the machines ourselves, we understand the needs of users looking to design a machine, a piece of equipment or an industrial vehicle that requires special solutions not readily available on the market and that must be built to tackle highly specific applications.

The experience acquired through our Specialty Milling division allows us take on an integrated approach to different problems, whether structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electric or electronic. We are also able to harmonize these aspects, i.e., to make them fully functional to meet the requirements of the projects, its characteristics and assure the efficiency of the machinery, equipment or the industrial vehicle to be constructed or modified.

On request, we can oversee the design aspect only, leaving the customer to carry out modifications, construction or assembly.

Quality Construction

Having built and transformed many different kinds of machines and equipment, we are well aware of how even the best projects are impacted by poor construction or components that are improperly sized for the intended use. From the choice of materials, welding, installation of hydraulic and electronic components necessary for their best performance, our entire construction process is conducted with the highest precision.

Through our network of suppliers, we can also meet very specific needs, utilizing components with stringent specifications, including Mil Spec for electrical and electronic systems, or special materials like high yield strength steel, special aluminums of the 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 series, or HT, HP and HM carbon fiber elements. We construct machines, equipment, and marine hydraulic systems for underwater applications down to 25 m in a saline environment. We also outfit hydraulic and cooling systems for extreme temperatures (arctic or desert), for tropicalization or to be tailored to the customer’s specifications for machines and industrial vehicles that perform special applications.

Certification and Homologation

All solutions for machines or equipment must comply with the numerous standards and certifications regarding safety and operation. Through years of experience, we know how to follow all processes and procedures required to obtain the necessary documents.

The machines and equipment we build come with CE certification or road approval in the case of industrial vehicles. We also construct and homologate different types of booms for excavators based on customer specifications (telescopic booms, excavator booms, front loader booms, push arms).

We can generate a vehicle ID number (frame number or VIN Vehicle Identification Number) with a unique alphanumeric code that includes a series number according to ISO Standard 3779.

On behalf of the customer, we take care of all procedures and INAIL testing for certification of lifting equipment.

  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment
  • Work site machines and equipment


Since the 1980s we have large rental fleet of high-performing machines, including trucks approved to be driven with a standard driver’s license, and were the first in Italy to offer this solution.

Machine types

Thanks to our three large trailers, we can deliver and pick up the heaviest machinery at any location in Italy. Our workshop vans and mechanics are ready to step in at any time to perform routine maintenance and even repairs when the machine cannot be replaced.

Here is a list of the machine types available:

  1. Compact machines
    • Skid steer loaders
    • Mini-excavators 0,8-8 ton
  2. Earthmoving machines
    • Excavators 12-33 ton
    • Wheel loaders 1-4 m3
  3. Generators 5-150 kVA
  4. Compressors 2.000-21.000 l
  5. Equipment for hydro-demolitions
  6. Various attachments
    • Hydraulic hammers
    • Planers for skid steers
    • Mixers
    • Sweepers
  7. Roller-compactors 1-20 ton
  8. Aerial platforms
  9. Vacuum excavators
  10. Special equipment for milling and cutting of concrete
  11. Trucks driven with regular driving license, 10 ton capacity
  12. Ventilation system for tunnels
  13. Canons for dust suppression
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