Mongol Rally

August 03 2017

Mongol Rally... unstoppable Zingone

After getting their start on July 17, our heroes behind the wheel of the Zingone (Fiat Uno sponsored also by GROTTI srl) are now in T├╝rkmenabat, in Turkmenistan, very close to the Uzbekistan's border.


July 10 2017

The new GTF 600 is in under construction... first episode

Construction has started on the new GTF 600, the admiral of our fleet, which has a totally new frame and hydraulics designed for the most challenging, heavy-duty applications.

Strade e Autostrade

June 28 2017

Strade & Autostrade magazine talks about us

Also the prestigious Strade & Autostrade magazine noticed our new website and dedicated us a news entitled 'Specialty Milling are online'