GTF 250 on the A14

13 November 2017

The GTF 250 completed a project for Eurostrade on the A14 highway near the Vasto Nord exit; the precise location was at kilometer 433+400 on the northbound carriageway.

The job called for milling 4 cm of a 210 m containment wall with heights varying from a minimum of 1.25 m to a maximum of 3.70 m. In addition to requiring reinforcement with permanent stays, the wall showed considerable deterioration of the surface layer of concrete, which had to be removed to allow for rehabilitation.

The GTF 250 proved the ideal equipment for the job, not only because it milled a 717 sq. m surface in several passes, but also because the boom’s special geometry made it possible to work inside the only lane given access to by Autostrade Spa

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