GTF 400 RC allocco tunnel

September 15 2020

Structural cuts in the Allocco tunnel

The GTF 400 RC fitted with the ST 500 performed a series of structural cuts with a depth of 40-60 cm on the ceiling and walls of the Allocco tunnel between the Sasso Marconi and Rioveggio exits on the A1 highway

GTF 250 RC A12

July 15 2020

The GTF 250 RC makes the difference on the A12

The GTF 250 RC was used during a set of works on the A12 along the section managed by SALT as part of operations to rehabilitate the definitive lining of several tunnels

specialty milling A26

May 15 2020

Intense milling works on the A26

During May and June, GTF technology was successfully implemented on a specialty milling job along the A26 (Genova Pra - Gravellona Toce) to mill linings and other structures of the Asino Morto, Risso, Mondà, Manfreda and Casa della Volpe tunnels