GTF system: precision, productivity, profiling, demolishing and excavating in safety

Who we are

Grotti srl was founded by Terzo Grotti in 1967. In the early 1980s, sons Giuliano and Giampiero became more involved in the company, and the business of repair and transformation of industrial vehicles and earthmoving machines was extended to include rentals on a national scale.

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Specialty milling

Specialty milling performed with the GTF system delivers impressive output, as well as ensures extreme precision along long and/or curved sections, such as tunnel linings. Milling performed with the GTF system also gives excellent results in applications above ground, for example when having to lower and demolish kerbs along bridges and viaducts.

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Our services

Thanks to our machine fleet (GTF 200, GTF 250, GTF 400 and GTF 600), we can take on a wide range of projects that span milling, profiling, demolition and excavation of natural tunnels.

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